Mike’s Building Services & Mountain Cabin Homes - is a family business immersed in the heritage of High Country home building. With over 30 years’ experience building log homes and traditional stick built structures; we have established a reputation for delivering quality results while respecting your budget.

Building in the High Country demands experience with challenging terrains, potential high wind zones, and local code requirements in order to ensure a smooth transition from start to completion. Using your ideas and our rich history of building knowledge, each project is uniquely designed for a completely satisfied experience.


From initial design through finished construction


we work with you, and for you, to create greatness.

Throughout every stage of the building process, we work with our clients to achieve the best possible product within your budget. Starting with either pre-existing plans or simple ideas, we transform your vision into a reality.

By using a mixture of rustic heavy timber-frame concepts combined with the latest in construction technology, we create a product that resembles the past but has the comforts of the 21st century.



Mike’s Building Services is a general contracting service with a wide range of residential applications. With over 40 years of experience in the business, we have the resources and know-how to tackle any project.


When approaching a new project, our #1 priority is the quality of the product that we will be delivering to you. For this reason, we complete the majority of building and design processes internally to insure this promise.


MBS is owned and operated by Mike Anthony who is a long term resident of Ashe County and the northwest North Carolina region. Mike prides himself in listening to customers’ needs while offering several avenues to achieve the desired result. On every project, Mike brings a crew of talented local craftsmen with each having individual expertise so that we can be sure to solve the most complicated situations.

After honing his skills while working with other custom home builders through the years, Mike saw the need for an experienced custom log home provider that understands the unique challenges these structures present. Log home kits are seldom the best option when it comes to price and quality. For all of our projects, we source local materials of the highest quality to build the greatest homes in the high country.